Dietary chromium and growth performance animals: a review


  • P. S. A. Moreira Federal University of Rondonópolis
  • C. Palhari
  • R. C. A. Berber



carcass traits, growth performance, mineral, supplement


The objective of the present review is to provide an overview on the effects of the addition of dietary chromium. The complex of chelated minerals that are molecular structures less toxic and more bioavailable, and grants a supplementation with high margin of safety for both animal and consumer of meat and milk. Functions are attributed to chromium that include mainly the carbohydrate metabolism, but also to a lesser extent the protein and lipid metabolism and in cases of stress causes decrease serum cortisol concentration. The chromium was characterized as participant component of the amplification mechanism of the insulin cellular signaling, ie. contributing factor of the sensitivity increase of insulin receptors on the plasma membrane. The chromium and thyroid hormones influenced production and actions of growth hormone (GH) mediated by IGF-1. In cardiac and skeletal muscle, IGF-1 stimulates the uptake and transportation of glucose, as well as the lactate production. From anabolic point of view, IGF-1 stimulates the synthesis of RNA and protein. However, growth responses were inconsistent among different sources and varying inclusion rates of chromium. Information on the dietary chromium mode of action is quite limited, and large variations exist in results regarding the effects. Further research is required to clarify the chromium mode of action and its association with subsequent growth performance in animals.

Biografia do Autor

P. S. A. Moreira, Federal University of Rondonópolis

Institute of Agricultural and Technological Sciences


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