Chromium in performance and metabolism of dairy cows


  • J. R. Assis



Micromineral, Insulin sensitivity, Milk production


The need for refined adjustments to nutritional requirements in dairy cow production systems is a demand for productive efficiency. Dairy cows face severe physiological and metabolic changes as the end of pregnancy and the beginning of lactation, requiring greater attention in nutritional aspects. However, chromium supplementation has been suggested to improve the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. Thus giving potential use for dairy cows. In this context, the objective was to conduct a literature review on the effects of chromium supplementation on the productive performance and metabolism of dairy cows. Therefore, chromium supplementation appears to improve milk production without affecting milk constituents. And apparently chromium supplementation reduces the blood concentration of NEFA. These results can be explained by a possible improvement in insulin metabolism, promoting an increase in insulin sensitivity in adipose tissue, consequently reducing lipolysis. What can change the energy partition in the mammary gland improving the processes of milk synthesis. However, many experimental results are contradictory in the literature, which can be explained by different stages of lactation, chromium source, stress conditions, supplementation period, type and content of carbohydrates in the diet. So in fact, there is a need to conduct a meta-analysis study with the available database to elucidate the real effect of chromium on the performance and metabolism of dairy cows.


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