Natural and social characteristics of Trešnjevik and environment: ageographical overview


  • Jelisavka Bulatović Academy of Technical-Art Professional Studies
  • Goran Rajović Volgograd State University, Russian Federation



Trešnjevik, natural characteristics, social characteristics.


Rural territories are specific and complex economic, social, ecological and spatial areas. Our research records based on similar research by Spalevic (2009) indicate that the characteristics of the major part of rural space in Montengro: rare settlement, depopulation with distinct trend of demographic extinction, as well as high old age of the population, considerable presence of daily migrations of non - agricultural and young population, and also slight equipment with traffic, utility and objects of living standards, domination of agriculture and slight diversification of the rest productive and unproductive activities... Condition in which Montenegro rural area is and exploration of possibilities for his overcoming presents sufficient motive for production of this work. The purpose of this paper is to point out the basic natural and social characteristics of Trešnjevik and its surroundings with a development perspective


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Bulatović, J. ., & Rajović, G. (2021). Natural and social characteristics of Trešnjevik and environment: ageographical overview. Scientific Electronic Archives, 14(3).



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