Phytotherapeutic properties of the Caesalpinia genus present in the Caatinga biome


  • Kaline Soares da Silva Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-Árido
  • Fernanda Granja da Silva Oliveira Universidade Federal do Vale de São Francisco
  • Paulo Henrique Oliveira de Miranda Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
  • Eduarda Santos de Santana Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
  • Zion Nascimento de Souza Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
  • Luciclaudio Cassimiro Amorim Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
  • Ricardo Sérgio da Silva Universidade Federal de Pernambuco



Medicinals plants, Phytoterapics, Caesalpinia Genus


The society enjoys a lot of medicinal plants due to their easy access and due to the effectiveness of their use. Currently, the popular use of these plants has been awakening the pharmaco-chemical study of their properties. Brazil with its great biodiversity worldwide, has an endemic biome, the Caatinga has a great diversity of plants with medicinal properties. The present work aimed to unite plants of the Caesalpinia genus with medicinal properties, through a literature review. The research was carried out on the electronic databases Google Scholar, Pubmed and Scielo using the following descriptors: “Plantas Medicinais”, “medicinal plants”, “gênero Caesalpinia”, “Caesalpinia genus”, “fitoterápicos”, “herbal medicines”, “Caatinga”. In total, 142 articles were found, of which 44 were included, with the characteristics of being plants with medicinal properties of the Caesalpinia genus in the Caatinga biome. After surveying the works found, it was possible to identify the following species, Caesalpinia pyramidalis Tul, Caesalpinia Ferrea Mart. Caesalpinia bracteosaTul, found in the Caatinga biome. Each studied species had characteristics, having in common some anti-inflammatory properties, are studied by some researchers and are effective in their popular use.



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Silva, K. S. da ., Oliveira, F. G. da S. ., Miranda, P. H. O. de ., Santana, E. S. de ., Souza, Z. N. de ., Amorim, L. C. ., & Silva, R. S. da . (2021). Phytotherapeutic properties of the Caesalpinia genus present in the Caatinga biome. Scientific Electronic Archives, 14(6).



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