Herpersvirusis in non-human primates


  • C. Calderon
  • A. Moreira
  • E. S. Marquez
  • M. F. R. Cruz UFMT
  • J. R. Dell Antonio




herpesvirus, non-human primates, disease, infection, diagnose


Many types of herpesviruses have been found in different non-human primate species causing subclinical or mild infection on its natural hosts and more severe infections, when transmited to other species. The herpesviruses’ Family is composed by three subfamilies: Alphaherpesvirinae, Betaherpesvirinae e Gammaherpesvirinae. The herpesviruses have the capacity to remain dormant and vary its cell specificity. They can cause sistemic and vesicular diseases on mucoses, depending on the hosts ’imune system, and it’s infections cause as much antibody as cell imune-mediated responses. The herpesviruses can present zoonotic potential and its dignose can be done through sorology, vírus isolation, PCR and histopatological exams. The herpesvirusis in non-human primates cause vesicular lesions and in some cases, dyscoria. Therefore, the inclusion of herpesvirusis as diferencial diagnosis is recomended. In the same way, the professional performance of veterinarians or public health agents are very important for prophylactic and therapy measures.



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