Removal of textile dye Novacron Yellow using the fungal biomass based on Cladosporium sp. genus


  • G. Diniz UFSJ
  • E. Garcia ufsj
  • J. Cury ufsj



In this study we present an economically viable adsorbent material based on fungal biomass of genus Cladosporium sp. The molecule used as adsorbate was the commercial dye Novacron Yellow (NY).  The water sample used in the fungal isolation was collected in the effluent from a textile factory.  The ITS-rRNA sequence of fungal biomass used in this study match with Cladosporium sp genus. The FTIR spectrums of fungal biomass are compatibles with chitin structure. The maximum adsorption capacity exhibited by fungal biomass is 56mg.g-1. These results can inserts the biomass based on Cladosporium sp as a good alternative to adsorption of organic dyes with high molecular weight such as Novacron Yellow.



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Diniz, G., Garcia, E., & Cury, J. (2016). Removal of textile dye Novacron Yellow using the fungal biomass based on Cladosporium sp. genus. Scientific Electronic Archives, 9(4), 118–125.



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