Mechanical scarification in seeds of Morinda citrifolia aiming to speed up the process of germination


  • M. J. C. Gomes
  • F. Pelissali
  • M. N. T. B. Souza
  • C. V. Vieira



Germination, numb, seeds


Abstract: Morinda Citrifolia are plants known as important properties with pharmacological and medicine, and the growth of this kind of plant has been increased in the last years. This work has as objective of developing different methods of seed germination of the Morinda citrifolia. The work was carried out in the laboratory of seed analyses at federal university of mato grosso, Sinop. The seeds were collected in plants of Bianchi farm. The material was benefited in the shade and stored in a container by 30 days. Used DIC as design, with treatment and 4 reprises; T1 witness; T2 with smashed seeds part; T3 seeds in water for 6 hours and T4 with smashed seeds part in water for 6 hours. For each treatment was studied with 4 reprises of 25 seeds, The seeds were treated with hypochlorite in 2%. The germination was conducted in special papers of germination, in greenhouse BOD at 30C. The tests of rate germination and speed was started in 24 hours after the installation of experiment. T1 and T3 doesnt present germination, the treatment T4 and presents germination between 42 % and 30% respective. T4 presented IUV of 1,77 and T2 of 2,77, been this treatments recommended for germination of Morinda citrifolia.

Key words: Germination, numb, seeds.


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Gomes, M. J. C., Pelissali, F., Souza, M. N. T. B., & Vieira, C. V. (2013). Mechanical scarification in seeds of Morinda citrifolia aiming to speed up the process of germination. Scientific Electronic Archives, 3, 16–19.



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