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v. 10 n. 6 (2017): Scientific Electronic Archives

Publicado: 2017-12-05

Ciências Agrárias

  • Family sucession in rural properties: A study of the succession situation among academics of UFFS Agronomy Course Erechim and their parents

    S. Paula, A. B. Moreira, D. A. Mota
    1 - 9
  • Density indices for forest stands Simarouba amara Aubl

    P. A. Mojena
    10 - 19
  • Energy performance of a tractor according to the escalation of gears and engine speeds

    W. G. Vale, P. H. V. Turra, T. M. Machado, J. De Marchi, P. A. C. Branco
    20 - 28
  • Productivity of lettuce culture in the function of nitrogen fertilizer managent

    G. A. Nascimento, M. Sorace, J. P. Matias, W. L. S. Benites, A. Nolla, J. H. Castaldo
    29 - 33
  • Evaluation of the effects of temperature and time of soaking in the speed of germination in Malagueta peppers

    C. E. F. Silva, M. Sorace, C. M. Castanheira, L. L. Minosso, P. H. F. Caviquioli
    34 - 38
  • Microbiolization with Trichoderma spp., combined or not with polymer, on the health, germination and vigor of black oats and barley seeds

    E. R. Baseggio, M. Bertela, S. Paula, P. M. Milanesi
    39 - 44

Ciências Biológicas

  • Effect of different substrates on the germination of seeds Cedrela fissilis Vellozo (Meliaceae)

    R. Marchezan, T. Gerber
    45 - 49
  • Frequency of Malassezia spp. in dogs presenting external otitis

    N. R. Magalhães, S. F. S. Moraes, D. Dresch, A. Kataoka
    50 - 55
  • Effect of concentration and exposure time on copper accumulation in Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms. (Pontederiaceae)

    S. Lunardi, F. Freitas, L. B. Souza, J. S. C. Von der Osten, R. Arruda, L. D. Battirola, R. L. T. Andrade
    56 - 63
  • Viability of mononuclear stem cells from bone marrow of rabbitsmaintained on artificial ice

    D. P. Pereira, D. Eurídes, L. B. Alves, D. A. Oliveira, L. A. Souza, G. P. Eurides, G. F. Gonçalves
    64 - 70
  • The Brazil nut tree (Bertholletia excelsa Humb. & Bonpl. (Lecythidaceae)): Importance and biological interactions

    L. Santos-Silva, L. C. P. Silva, J. N. Corassa, L. D. Battirola
    71 - 84

Educação e Ensino

  • Analysis of public education at the level of basic education between Brazil and Germany

    O. Schlick, O. J. Rohling, F. W. Borguezam, J. R. Pinheiro
    85 - 92
  • Civil responsibility in the medical-patient relationship in observance to religious questions

    I. G. Silva, S. F. S. Moraes, S. C. D Pereira
    93 - 105
  • Health education for the elderly - Experience report

    A. Klock, M. A. P. Alves
    106 - 108

Ciências da Saúde

  • Microbiological aspects of Escherichia coli in urinary tract infections in sows of commercial farms in Sinop-MT

    L. F. B. Venancio, K. R. Ducatti, M. O. Lima, T. B. Vieira
    109 - 115
  • Microbiological and parasitological quality of “Panga fish" (Pangasius spp.)

    E. E. V. Resplandes, S. N. G. Socoloski, R. T. Kemper, P. S. A. Moreira, T. R. Anjos, J. L. F. Fortuna, T. B. Vieira
    116 - 121

Ciências Exatas e Engenharias