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v. 12 n. 3 (2019): Scientific Electronic Archives

Publicado: 2019-06-01

Ciências Agrárias

  • Effect of maturation stage of the embryo and the presence of the seed coat in seed germination and development of mango cv Bourbon

    E. Ferrari, S. Valiati, C. S. Pereira, I. V. A. Fiorini, A. A. Silva
    1 - 6
  • Periods of water deficit after sowing cowpea

    C. S. Pereira, F. S. Gregolin, I. V. A. Fiorini, A. S. Candido, A. A. Silva
    7 - 11
  • Determinação da atividade antioxidante de polifenóis extraíveis, macromoleculares e identificação de lupanina em tremoço branco (Lupinus albus)

    J. O. Silva, D. N. S. Santos, G. P. Cosenza, J. C. S. Melo, M. R. P. Monteiro, R. L. B. Araújo
    12 - 19
  • Saline stress in growth and initial development of vegetable species

    H. M. Oliveira, J. L. S. Oliveira, E. Silva
    20 - 27
  • Germination and validation of canola seeds after storage

    T. P. Pilla, A. C. T. Campos, D. Brandler, P. M. Milanesi
    28 - 32
  • Tiller dynamics in Piatã palisade grass submitted to nitrogen fertilization

    D. S. N. Guimarães, F. I. Matias, A. A. Silva, R. M. Q. Lana, L. C. Lima
    33 - 39
  • Evaluation of polymer viability of Crossandra infundibuliformis L. (Acanthaceae) based on colorimetric tests of 2,3,5-trifenyletrazole (TTC) and lugol 2%

    V. L. S. André, L. P. N. Ramos, V. S. Mello, D. M. Leite, I. V. Karsburg
    40 - 43
  • Evaluation of germination and vigor in corn seeds using the Hill function

    D. J. Amorim, R. Q. Faria, A. R. P. Santos, E. A. A. Silva, M. M. P. Sartori
    47 - 52
  • Hydrogel improves the initial growth and quality of Enterolobium contortisiliquum seedlings

    L. K. S. Silva, R. N. Costa, S. A. Santos, D. M. R. Silva, J. C. C. Santos, J. M. S Pavão, F. B. P. Moura, J. V. Silva
    53 - 61
  • Survey of ethnoespecies used by rural dwellers in the municipality of Lajeado do Bugre (RS)

    A. S. Santana, T. R. Pelizza, A. S. Censi, K. Carvalho, A. L. Radunz, J. Muniz, A. F. O. Radunz
    62 - 69
  • Nutritional performance of different soybean cultivars submitted to low temperature storage conditions

    E. H. Rezende, A. R. P. Santos, R. F. Miranda, R. Q. Faria
    70 - 77
  • Evaluation of physiological quality of sweet corn seeds under different conditions

    A. A. C. Rivera, I. V. A. Fiorini, R. G. Von Pinho, H. D. Pereira, E. L. Resende, C. S. Pereira
    78 - 84
  • Sanitary quality of corn seeds submitted to different drying temperatures

    E Neves, B S Oliveira, G L Correia
    85 - 89

Ciências da Saúde

  • Evaluation the physical-chemical and microbiological of skimmed and Integral UHT milk

    J. Fornazieri, H. A. Z. Biavatti, C. C. B. Rosa
    90 - 94
  • Quality of the sleep of truck drivers that travel in the region of the extreme-west of Santa Catarina

    S. F. Cetolin, R. Silva, G. C. M. Berber, J. M. Joris, J. A. Steffani, A. M. M. Moser
    95 - 100
  • Hypertensive population without response to antihypertensive drug therapy

    S. F. Cetolin, L. Fiorentin, G. C. M. Berber, J. A. Steffani
    101 - 104
  • Sexually transmitted infections among the elderly from São Miguel do Oeste - SC

    S. F. Cetolin, M. D. Schoeninger, G. C. M. Berber, V. Beltrame
    105 - 110
  • Evaluation of the nimesulide content in splitting tablets

    Y. D. Silva, M. M. Valladão, M. P. R. Torres, A. L. Raiser, E. B. Ribeiro, C. R. Andrighetti, L. G. Vasconcelos, D. M. S. Valladão
    111 - 115


  • Factors that may interfere in the success of fixed time artificial insemination (TFAI) in pig production

    D. M. A. Lima, C. F. Campos, J. D. Guimarães
    116 - 126
  • Intervertebral disc disease - Literature review

    A. C. Rosa, A. Kataoka
    127 - 136
  • Nitrogen input strategies in pastures: mineral fertilizer, bacterial inoculant and consortium with forage peanuts

    M. L. B. Bourscheidt, B. Carneiro e Pedreira, D. H. Pereira, M. C. Zanette, J. Devens
    137 - 147