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v. 12 n. 4 (2019): Scientific Electronic Archives

Publicado: 2019-08-04

Ciências Agrárias

  • Ethnobotanical survey of existing trees in the botanical garden of UFRRJ

    T. S. Souza, C. M. Ribeiro
    1 - 9
  • Biocontrol of anthracnose on yellow passion fruits by antagonic bacteria to plant pathogens

    C. C. Bulhões, I. S. Melo, H. F. Shiomi
    10 -16
  • Indicators of the nitrogen nutritional status of sugarcane submitted to nitrogen rates

    C. L. R. Santos, J. O. Cazetta, L. M. Saran, R. A. Flores, L. R. Moda
    17 - 23
  • Adjustment of initial moisture content and accelerated aging test for supersweet corn (sh2) seeds

    K. R. Ducatti, R. A. Coimbra, J. Nakagawa
    24 - 29
  • Dead coverage as soil conservationist practice

    H. Cândido, D. Silva
    30 - 33
  • Evapotranspiration of lettuce crop: a response to application of different water sheets

    D.M.R. Silva, C.H. Silva, J.C.C. Santos, R.N. Costa, L.K.S. Silva, S.A. Santos
    34 - 37
  • Quality of biodiesel produced with soybean grains stored with low temperature

    R. F. Miranda, A. R. P. Santos, E. H. Rezende, R. Q. Faria
    38 - 45
  • Composed of organic household solid waste in the production of lettuce, in pots of polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

    A. V. Silva, D. R. B. Wangen, J. F. Silva Filho, R. S. Cruvinel
    46 - 50
  • Nitrogen released from soybean crop in the performance of off season maize

    C. S. Pereira, I. V. A. Fiorini, A. A. Silva, H. D. Pereira, E. L. Resende
    51 - 56
  • Evaluation of the genotoxic effect of the aqueous solution of Illicium verum with the use of the biotestes Pisum sativum L. and Allium sativum

    S. M. Alves, T. N. Queiroz, N. T. Silva, P. N. Nascimento, I. V. Karsburg
    57 - 62
  • Aspects of rice culture (Oryza sativa L.) from high lands to zinc growing doses

    D. C. Riva, O. Santos, R. M Silva, Y. O. Castro
    63 - 67

Ciências Biológicas

  • Macroscopic analyses and evaluation of environmental quality in urban springs of Divinópolis-MG

    A. R. Fonseca, F. A. F. Costa, R. A. N. Gontijo, T. L. Fonseca
    68 - 74
  • Occurrence of species of Mandevilla Lindl. (Apocynaceae Juss.: Apocynoideae) in Lavras (MG), Brazil: ecological and taxonomical implications

    F. A. Z. Vital
    75 - 80
  • Traffic mammals attraction of the highway MT-358

    J. L. Santos, I. A. Calvo
    81 - 83

Educação e Ensino

  • Perception of risks to the use of agrochemicals by high school students in rural areas in the District of Lucialva, Jauru - MT

    E. I. Santos, V. P. da Silva, A. J. da Silva, B. S. Oliveira, T. C. Oliveira, R.F. Azevedo
    84 - 90

Ciências da Saúde

  • Analysis of pharmaceutical assistance in SUS dispensing services in Sorriso-MT

    R. G. Zampieron, D. M. Gonçalves, H. A. Z. Biavatti
    91 - 101

Ciências Exatas e Engenharias

  • Thermal analysis of brake system components from low-lift vehicle

    L. L. Barbosa, E. Buzzacaro, R. F. Brito, C. L. da Silva, L. J. Minette, J. C. C. Campos
    102 - 107


  • Insects and agroecosystems: A review

    D. H. R. Oliveira, L. G. N. Souza, L. Link, C. F. Vieira, G. D. Gallo
    108 - 115
  • Best queens of apis meliffera are obtained using minor dilution levels of royal jelly and larves of loss age: a review

    R. K. Silveira, W. R. Jesus, C. S. Viana, M. R. Silva
    116 - 131
  • Aversive memory and the role of the mesocorticolimbic system in defensive responses-literature review

    K. M. H. Cavalcante
    132 - 143