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v. 14 n. 2 (2021): Scientific Electronic Archives

Publicado: 2021-01-26

Ciências Agrárias

  • Study of compacted soil layers in the out-season soybean corn agricultural system in the Araguaia-Xingu Region

    P. H. C. Macena, Y. O. Castro, D. C. O. Riva Neto, N. F. Marinho, J. A. V. Sant'anna
    1 - 6
  • Evaluation of smartphone applications for measuring the total height of trees

    J. M. D. Oliveira, J. P. M. D. Oliveira, L. S. Cardoso, D. H. S. Ataíde, R. A. Curto, E. J. G. Araújo
    7 - 14
  • Use of fire in the hidden settlement, Mato Grosso-Brazil

    A. S. Moura, A. T. M. Oliveira, L. B. Rosa, A. P. Machado Neto
    15 - 21
  • Nitrogen and boron fertilization in cauliflower

    J. A. Bonetti, S. O. Fernandes, M. R. Zanuzo, A. Lange, R. A. F. Machado
    22 - 29
  • Adventitious rooting induction of mulberry (Morus sp.) cuttings by sound frequencies and spermidine at different times

    L. C. Dias, A. M. Silva Junior, A. C. A. S. Pires
    30 - 34
  • Apis mellifera africanized queens tolerant to the neonicotinoid thiamethoxam

    W. C. S. Pizzaia, N. C. Pereira, T. O. Diniz, V. A. A. Toledo, M. C. C. Ruvolo-Takasusuki
    35 - 42

Ciências Biológicas

  • Pollen Feasibility of Passiflora Edulis Sims f. flavicarpa Degener

    A. P. R. Silva, C. S. Souza, C. F. Alves, I. V. Karsburg
    43 - 46
  • Comparison between maceration and ultrasound-assisted extraction of white bracts with flowers of Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd.

    B. W. Debiasi, P. G. R. S. Rodrigues, M. P. R. Torres, C. Bonacorsi, C. R. Andrighetti, E. B. Ribeiro, D. M. S. Valladão
    47 - 55

Ciências da Saúde

  • Systematization of perioperative nursing care in the surgical center: a report of experience

    A. G. Sauer, D. Pasquetti, H. S. Kwiatkowiski, L. J. Pinheiro, D. C. M. Aguiar, G. A. S. Moser, M. C. Hanauer
    56 - 59
  • Extracorporeal circulation time without clinical outcome of patients with cardiac surgery

    K. Colling, A. Zanettini, G. Stochero, R. G. Casarin, A. Sachetti
    60 - 65
  • Edwards Syndrome: Family positive effects when life survival surpasses the expectation. Case report.

    A. E. Chiaradia, A. L. Yanai, A. Silva
    66 - 69

Ciências Exatas e Engenharias

  • Estimation of COVID-19 cases in Brazil: mathematical modeling study

    L. Y. Sheng, A. L. Sartori
    70 - 73