Composition of Bionutritional Index for Beef Cattle

R. Zubler, E. H. B. K. Moraes, D. S. Pina, E. M. Nichele, C. V. Araujo C. V. Araujo


ABSTRACT: Records of 13,686 male cattle in year of 2009, from a feedlot located in the northern of MatoGrosso state, were used to discriminate possible differences between dry and rainy seasons of the year and weight class in lots . Was performed multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) for discrimination of differences between treatments considering jointly weight gain total and total CMS. Thus, based on the result of the MANOVA, we proceeded to calculate the first canonical variable or the equivalent linear discriminant function Fischer, identified as EBN values.. Subsequently, the indices were established feed conversion (FC) and feed efficiency (EE) and performed an analysis of variance for each of the new index as a function of treatment. The VC1 variable has mean and median have similar values and has better symmetry with respect to the dispersion of values around the mean, the fact that due to the larger number of classes in which the observations so willing. The worst situation occurred for feed conversion, feed efficiency presenting with intermediate behavior.

Keywords: animal production; multivariate performance


animal production; multivariate performance

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