Preparation of jellies of umbu in standard and zero sugar formulations: sensory analysis and acceptability index

F. W. Ribeiro, C. C. Rodrigues, M. P. Silva Berti, A. C. Silva, N. Peixoto


Northeast region characteristic of the brazilian plant, the umbu has several possibilities, such as jams, juices, jams, due to your characteristic bittersweet. Fruit processing can be accomplished using standard form conventional sugar, and to meet the need of people with diseases requiring restriction on sugar consumption, it can be replaced by culinary sweetener. In order to reduce the losses of the fruit in post-harvest, and to ensure that the product can be consumed by people restricted to the sugar, this work aims to produce traditional jams and zero sugar so that it can be evaluated and sensory analysis index of acceptability of these products on the market. In order to analyze the acceptance of standard and zero sugar jam was performed sensory analysis, performing the procedure with the collaboration of 50 untrained for completing the evaluation form. The participants were distributed in 52% of the audience was female and 48% male. The parameters analyzed presented in results for the analysis of conventional jams, as a result of greater adaptation of assessors for conventional products. With this it should be noted at the end of the analysis for all parameters analyzed the umbu jelly zero sugar formulation. Although both formulations have presented good acceptances by the evaluators, that may be good investment options for market diversification, since the use of fruits in the cerrado is unusual for the production of by-products.


Typical fruits; Northeast; Processing

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