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Publicado: 2014-09-19

Ciências Agrárias

  • Evaluation of Trichoderma spp. on bean culture, in anthracnose, web blight and root-knot nematode

    P. E. V. Aguiar, S. M. Bonaldo, S. R. G. Moraes
    17 - 25
  • Cuttings and grafting in rootstocks of tomato

    A. R. Zeist, I. F. L da Silva, J. R. F. Oliveira, J. M. Henschel, C. L. Giacobbo, J. T. V. Resende
    26 -31
  • Mathematical models to estimate leaf area of melon plant cultivar Hale’s Best Jumbo at different phenological stages using linear measurements

    R. A. F. Machado, M. R. Zanuzo, C. V. Vieira, R. S. Boeno
    32 - 38
  • Accelerated aging test in determining the vigour of sunflower seeds with and without pericarp

    K. R. Ducatti, R. S. Boeno, K. S. Arantes, R. A. Coimbra
    39 - 43
  • Evaluation of co-product of vermiculite as substrate in seedlings production of nim

    G. H. Silva, R. V. Santos
    44 - 51
  • Determination Of Physical And Mechanical Properties Of The Wood Of Five Wooden Species From Southern Amazon

    D. A. Rodrigues, A. P. Silveira, P. A. R. Castello
    52 - 58
  • Operational and energetic performance of an agricultural tractor during direct and conventional sowing

    W. G. Vale, R. F. Garcia, D. Corrêa Júnior, G. A. Gravina, E. F. Sousa
    65 - 76

Ciências Biológicas

  • Survey of the entomofauna through luminous trap

    V. R. Andrade Neto, J. N. Corassa, A. M. Esquivel
    59 - 64
  • Garden Plants: Problems Caused by an Unexpected Visitor

    M. A. Oliveira, C. F. F. Gomes, P. L. Gonçalves, A. K Casturino, R. M. Nogueira, L. C. da Silva, E. M. Pires
    77 - 80
  • Germination and multiplication of carnation using BAP and KIN in vitro

    D. P. Restelatto, T. Gerber, L. M. Sartoretto
    81 - 88

Ciências da Saúde

  • Prevalence of HPV in asymptomatic patients in the extreme west of Santa Catarina

    L. Frantz, G. R. Weber, C. Dannebrock, G. B. Miranda
    89 - 95
  • Cath of Dengue Mosquisto and Blowflies in Rio Paranaíba

    I. Silva, P. Silva, R. Faria Filho, F. M. Alves, M. Silva, F. Fernandes
    96 - 102
  • Comparative Analysis of the Use of CMR Pomade (Bellisperenis + Calendula officinalis + Myristicasebifera) and Physiological Solution in Tissue Scarring of Rats (Rathusnorvegicus)

    E. S. Fernandes, R. A. Santos, B. S. Oliveira, D. S. Meireles
    103 -107

Ciências Exatas e Engenharias

  • Mathematical Modeling of Cheese Bread Production: An Experience in Mathematics Teaching

    A. P. O. Dacol, V. L. Araujo, T. Lira, K. Brito, C. N. Boeri, L. A. Américo
    108 - 110


  • Immunopathology of vitiligo: A Review of literature

    A E Silva, L Castoldi
  • Milk Production in Integrated Systems: Review

    H. A. Z. Biavatti, G. C. M. Berber, R. C. A. Berber
    1 - 16