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v. 11 n. 4 (2018): Scientific Electronic Archives

Publicado: 2018-08-01

Ciências Agrárias

  • Potential of auxinary production bacterium in promoting the growth of micropropagate banana plant

    E. Ferrari, S. M. Andrade, D. C. C. Sabino, H. F. Shiomi
    1 - 6
  • Biochar as soil conditioner in the cultivation of eucalyptus hybrid urograndis

    V. L. Silva, R. S. Belém, B. H. Marimon Junior, F. R. Andrade, J. Farias, N. C. L. Rocha
    7 - 13
  • Evaluation of lethal effects of phytosanitary products used in the organic agriculture on Eriopis connexa (Germar, 1824) (Coleoptera: Coccinelidae)

    T. S. Souza, G. C. M. Berber, A. L. S. Resende, M. C. A. Fernandes, R. N. Pereira, E. L. A. Menezes
    14 - 23
  • Herbicides ACCase interaction and ALS with glyphosate on corn tiguera control RR

    V. L. Silva, L. M. Rodrigues, V. M. M. Lima, J. O. Ferreira
    24 - 30
  • Interference of alcoholic extract of Cyperus rotundus on germination and vigor of oil rape seeds

    W. Pies, A. Uberti, T. Werlang, A. C. P. Luz, A. Lugaresi, J. C. Nervi, V. N. Silva
    31 - 35
  • Quality and correlation of physical and chemical parameters of goiaba cultivar fruits

    L. R. Fachi, E. L. S. Garbugio, A. F. N. Ferreira, R. F. C. Machado, W. Krause
    36 - 40
  • Effect of the breeding environment on egg production and quality of laying hens' eggs 031 in the Embrapa

    D. M. Ferreira, T. Gimenes, I. H. Vieira, W. L. Silva, M. C. Vieira, M. A. G. Araújo
    41 - 47
  • Evaluation of losses in the cotton harvest at different speeds

    G. F. V. Viotto, W. G. Vale, A. N. Silva Júnior, S. Ruffato, G. A. Gravina
    48 - 55
  • Phenological development and fruitfulness level of Carolina Black Rose and Sultana table grape varieties

    R. M. Silva, N. P. Ribeiro
    56 - 59
  • Microorganisms that attack forest species in the north of the state of Mato Grosso

    E. P. Amorim, T. P. M. Arruda, L. Eburneo, J. R. O. Silva
    60 - 63

Ciências Biológicas

  • Effect of stress on the secretion of prolactin in nulliparous and primiparous rats in estrus

    C. Z. Carlos, T. V. Souza, R. C. A. Berber, E. E. T. S. Hucke
    64 - 68

Ciências da Saúde

  • Nursing as a profession: reflections on the conceptions of incoming academics about work and its precariousness.

    L. M. S. Andrade, E. Caetano, S. R. O. Maier
    69 - 77
  • The amphetamines use: the truck drivers of vision

    S. R. O. Maier, M. L. Berti, M. Mattos, T. S. Santos, B. S. Santos, W. S. Oliveira
    78 - 83
  • Evaluation of the process of venous ulcer healing, treated with babosa gel (Aloe barbadensis Miller): a case study.

    C. B. Venazzi, P. H. G. S. Siqueira, P. R. G. Espina, J. C. M. Primão, K. M. Agostinho, N. T. C. Araujo
    84 - 92
  • Influences and interferences in child growth and development

    S. V. Jezus, B. C. S. N. Pereira, F. F. Bastida, R. G Masochini, A. N. Cunha
    93 - 98


  • The role of nurses in urgency and emergency care: A review of literature

    P. R. Souza, H. O. Chagas
    99 - 105
  • The nursing process in front of the patient with trichotilomania: an integrative review

    C. A. S. Flores, P. J. Coelho, L. M. S. Andrade
    106 - 113
  • Brachiaria brizantha cv. Piatã submitted to nitrogen fertilization.

    V. L. Silva
    114 - 121
  • Models of reaction standards for analysis of effects of interaction genotype environment

    Dener Nunes, J. R. Assis, S. G. Tavares, P. H. L Oliveira
    122 - 128