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v. 13 n. 6 (2020): Scientific Electronic Archives

Publicado: 2020-05-29

Ciências Agrárias

  • Formation and survival of in vitro protocormos of Cerrado Orchid of Goiás

    D. C. S. Lemos, G. R. Sousa, A. D. V. Souza, J. B. A. França, M. R. Rosa, M. C. Vieira
    1 - 7
  • Preparation of jellies of umbu in standard and zero sugar formulations: sensory analysis and acceptability index

    F. W. Ribeiro, C. C. Rodrigues, M. P. Silva Berti, A. C. Silva, N. Peixoto
    8 - 11
  • Treatment of arugula seeds with Ascophyllum nodosum and Solieria filiformis

    L. A. Morelatto, V. N. Silva
    12 - 15
  • Selectivity of herbicides applied, in pre-emergence, during the establishment phase of sugarcane

    R. C. A. Araújo, A. M. C. Marinho, R. G. S. Sobrinho, V. H. C. Sousa, L. C. Souza, F. F. V. R. Amorim, E. I. B. Almeida
    16 - 24
  • Use of essential oils in the control of the fungus Fusarium oxysporum isolated in northern MT

    B. F. Gama, G. A. Paiva, L. S. Silva, T. R. Medeiros, A. P. S. Rodrigues, L. F. Gibbert, A. M. C. Sorato, O. R. Campos
    25 - 30
  • Doses of organomineral fertilizer in soybean

    M. E. G. Ribeiro, C. S. Pereira, I. V. A. Fiorini, F. R. Resende, A. A. Silva, H. D. Pereira
    31 - 35
  • Storage of ipê seeds in different packages and environments

    C. G. Maciel, G. M. S. Ribeiro, D. S. S. Lima, S. L. A. Oliveira, A. C. Pessoa
    36 - 39
  • Urease inhibitor on performance of corn hybrids in second crop in Sinop-MT

    C. S. Pereira, G. Wiest, I. V. A. Fiorini, M. Schoffen, V. H. Zanetti, A. A. Silva
    40 - 45
  • Integrated production systems revealing antagonistic fungi biodiversity in the tropical region

    G. C. M Berber, S. M. Bonaldo, K. B. Carmo, M. Garcia, A. Farias Neto, A. Ferreira
    46 - 56

Ciências Biológicas

  • Monitoring the time-grade required for extrusion of oocytes reproductive from colossoma macropomum

    D. Sevignani, E. Buzzacaro, N. B. Fortuna
    57 - 63
  • Intussusception in cat: case report

    J. Bartolomei Neto, A. L. Vasconcelos, A. S. Ferreira, F. S. C. Santi, W. V. Lazarotto, A. A. Novais
    64 - 69

Ciências da Saúde


  • The importance of plant diversity in the ecological management of insects in agroecosystems: a review

    P. A. S. Gonçalves
    88 - 95
  • Adoption of realistic simulation for the development of practices in nursing graduation: a systematic literature review

    C. A. D. Souza, M. D. Santos, K. Y. A. Santana, I. A. Silva, K. M. H. Cavalcante
    96 - 101
  • Use of illicit drugs between nursing academics: a literature review

    M. L. Dias, J. C. L. Silva
    102 - 112