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v. 13 n. 11 (2020): Scientific Electronic Archives

Publicado: 2020-10-29

Ciências Agrárias

  • Density and morphological characterization of bacteria in integrated and exclusive production systems

    A. R. B. Zanco, A. Ferreira, G. C. M. Berber, E. N. Gonzaga, D. C. C. Sabino
    1 - 9
  • Hydrelectricity water footprint in the State of Amapá, Brazil: Coaracy Nunes hydroelectric plant

    O. B. Corrêa Neto, W. C. M. Silva, G. F. Santiago, O. B. Q. Oliveira Filho
    10 - 19
  • Growth of Copaifera Langsdorffii seedlings in different conditions on the substrate

    T. Woiciechowski, M. F. S. Pinheiro, L. J. B. Silvino
    20 - 24
  • Estimation of morphological characteristics of Seedlings of Genipa americana L. (Rubiaceae)

    C. B. M. Farias, A. S. A. S. Correa, M. C. M. Silva, R. R. Cruz, L. P. N. Ramos, S. A. M. Souza
    25 - 29
  • Different types of herbicides in inducing the hormetic effect on soybean culture

    A. M. Silva, V. M. M. Lima, V. L. Silva
    30 - 36
  • Carnauba demography: analysis of the spatial pattern

    F. M. F. Lucas, R. A. R. Silva, T. G. F. Rocha, C. G. Fajardo, F. A. Vieira
    37 - 44
  • Effect of agronomic traits in the selection expansion volume in popcorn hybrids

    C. S. Bernini, B. H. S. Ponce, A. J. P. Nascimento, V. P. Silva, M. A. A. Barelli, E. Sawazaki
    45 - 50
  • Availability of boron in clayey and sandy soil due to the application of different borated sources in soybean cultivation

    K. F. Bento, E. Carniel, C. B. Raimundo, R. R. Rocha, E. L. Schoninger
    51 - 55

Ciências Biológicas

  • Fracture exposed in Blue-yellow-macaw (Ara ararauna, L., 1758) infected with multiresistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa - Case Report

    B. P. Deecken, F. Freitas, K. V. Bassetto, A. G. Strider, B. G. Castro
    56 - 60

Ciências da Saúde

  • Pharmaceutical assistance: lawsuits to obtain medication in Sinop-MT

    J. C. Oliveira, M. A. R. Rissato, R. C. Z. Leitzke, R. G. Zampieron
    61 - 68
  • Perspective of nursing professionals on the discharge of patients suffering from recurrent myocardial infarction

    W. S. Oliveira, J. R. Soares Júnior, S. R. O. Maier, C. A. S. Flores, G. A. S. Moser, D. C. M. Aguiar, G. A. Sudré
    69 - 75
  • Profile of deaths arising from traffic accidents in a municipality in the west of Santa Catarina

    V. Grolle, M. C. Hanauer, V. S. F. Madureira
    76 - 81
  • Comparative analysis among blood pressure devices, from different brands, used in the pharmaceutical clinic service in a public pharmacy, Sinop-MT.

    V. R. Bernardo, R. G. Zampieron, L. Y. Sheng, M. A. R. Rissato, R. C. Z. Leitzke
    82 - 88
  • Epidemiological characterization of neglected diseases in the state of Piauí

    M. H. S. Lemos, M. A. O. Costa, L. P. Lages, T. C. Soares, D. A. M. Araújo, M. F. S. B. Vilarinho, M. S. Anjos, T. C. Soares, C. C. S. França
    89 - 96
  • Frequency of dogs with anti Leishmania Chagasi antibodies by immunochromatographic assay (DPP) in the city of Sinop, Mato Grosso, Brazil

    L. M. J. Lopes, M. V. Bonfim, F. S. C. Santi, T. R. Berndt, J. Bartolomei Neto, A. S. Ferreira, W. V. Lazarotto, A. L. Vasconcelos, R. R. Oliveira, A. A. Novais
    97 - 100


  • Impact of organizational culture and its influences

    D. R. Coelho, D. J. Kurtz
    101 - 109
  • Intensive pasture termination (IPT): perspective for the Sergipe semi-arid

    A. H. S. Silva, P. A. Castelo Branco, M. V. S. Santos, W. G. Vale, A. A. Brêtas
    110 - 116