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v. 9 n. 3 (2016): Scientific Electronic Archives

Publicado: 2016-07-15

Ciências Agrárias

  • Deferred effect on the morphological and physiological characteristics of Brachiaria brizantha cv. Xaraés

    D. A. Prado, W. J. R. Castro, G. H. B. Lemes, R. M. S. Santos, D. H. S. Almeida, D. Baron
    1 - 5
  • Condemnation of livers of swine in age of abaithor associated to parasitism of Ascaris suum in Zona da Mata region, Minas Gerais State

    A. S. Dias, A. M. Tanure, H. G. V. C. Manhães
    6 - 10
  • Growth and development of cedar Australian in different doses of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

    J. R. Oliveira, F. V.P. Souza, U. T. G. Silva, J. R. Oliveira, N. F. Duarte, S. I. C. Pinto
    11 - 16
  • Disinfection, germination and micropropagation in vitro of Apuleia leiocarpa (Vogel) Macbride

    D. Fabris, T. Gerber, L. M. Sartoretto
    17 - 26
  • Productivity of tomato plants pulverized with calcium and boron on the number of rods

    A. R. Zeist, R. A. Zeist, C. L. Giacobbo
    27 - 31
  • Population dynamics of the nematode Pratylenchusbrachyurus in different production systems in MT

    E. Ferrari, E. U. Ramos Junior, G. Tavares, V. O. Faleiro, H. F. Shiomi, H. Debiasi, J. C. Franchini
    32 - 40
  • Error occurrence probability of type I and II in monitoring of a seeder-fertilizer

    W. G. Vale, P. H. B. Moreira
    41 - 51
  • Phytotoxicity in transgenic soybean treated with glyphosate doses

    C. S. Pereira, U. C. Bevilacqua, T. V. Souza, W. D. Matte, M. V. Chapla
    52 - 61
  • Morphophysiological aspects of Selenicereus megalanthus (K. Schum ex Vaupel) Moran

    M. Sorace, C. A. Cossa, M. A. F. Sorace, E. A. F. Osipi, R. Marchi, R. Osipe
    63 - 66
  • Volatile compounds identified in Barbados Cherry ‘BRS-366 Jaburú’

    Y. M. Garcia, M. N. S. Guedes, J. C. M. Rufini, A. G. Souza, R. Augusti, J. O. F. Melo
    67 - 73

Educação e Ensino

  • Monitoring as a tool for teaching-learning

    W. G. Vale, G. F. Tavares, P. A. C. Branco
    74 - 79
  • Analysis of project about Cerrado fruits developed with students from two public schools

    D. B. Rodrigues, L. T. Costa, C. P. O. F. Melo, A. G. Souza, E. M. Garcia, H. A. Taroco, J. O. F. Melo
    80 - 86

Ciências da Saúde

  • Discussing nursing diagnosis applied by nursing students

    K. M. H. Cavalcante, M. L. Botelho, P. P. Cavalcanti, F. M. P. Garcia
    87 - 94
  • When will too early: a qualitative approach with nurses

    S. R. O. Maier, C. I. M. Sandri, L. S. Teles
    95 - 99
  • Partition of atenolol and propranolol tablets and its possible implication in their therapeutic effect

    A. S. Inhã, J. B. Gomes, P. G. Sampaio, V. C. G. Soares, A. E. Biguetti, S. A. Marques
    100 - 108
  • Characteristics of cattle carcasses slaughtered in Sinop-MT

    I. O. Arruda, M. O. Lima, P. S. A. Moreira
    110 - 115
  • Clinical examination in gynecology consult X laboratory findings: evidence of the main infections of the reproductive tract

    J. S. Sodré, J. C. L. Silva, P. P. Cavalcanti
    116 - 121

Ciências Exatas e Engenharias


  • Clinical aspects of transmissible venereal tumor

    A. C. Sá, S. F. S. Moraes, M. F. R. Cruz, E. S. Marquez, C. Calderón
    136 - 146
  • Surgical Site Infection: Review

    P. H. M. Bonai, G. C. M. Berber, D. Faria Junior
    147 - 160
  • Civil law and the disregard of the legal personality of companies Ltda.

    L. H. T. Macarenhas, S. F. S. Félix Moraes, V. Guerreiro
    161 - 167