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v. 9 n. 4 (2016): Scientific Electronic Archives

Publicado: 2016-09-22

Ciências Agrárias

  • Growth promotion of eucalyptus seedling mediated by bacteria auxin producers

    H. F. Shiomi, S. H. Accordi, D. C. C. Sabino
    1 - 6
  • Cattle productive performance evaluation confined submitted immunocastration

    J. M. Maluf, T. V. Souza, P. S. A. Moreira
    7 - 15
  • Effects of different production environments on economic and productive performance of piglets in the nursery

    G. Peretto, T. V. Souza, P. S. Cella
    16 - 19
  • Harvest season and physiological quality of Enterolobium schomburgkii seeds. Benth.

    P. A. Mojena, D. I. G. Chormiak, Y. Miranda
    20 - 25
  • Establishment of DRIS indices and foliar nutrient levels for corn plants fertilized with various nitrogen doses and source materials associated with marine alga Lithothamnium

    R. F. B. Bernardes, A. F. Cardoso, M. H. D Bernardes, R. M. Q. Lana
    26 - 33
  • Germination and development of Brachiaria seedling in textures of soil and sowing depth

    J. H. Castaldo, M. Sorace, A. Nolla Nolla, L. V. Mota Neto
    34 - 38
  • Mechanization index in agricultural properties of the region of Sinop – MT, Brazil

    E. H. Nunes, T. V. Souza, I. B. Zanatto, H. A. Sella, V. Cunico, W. G. Vale
    39 - 43
  • Tissue development and carcass characteristics of pure male and female originally from Nellore breed at yearling in the north region from Mato Grosso

    J. C. T. D. Bem, A. C. Rosa, P. S. A. Moreira
    91 - 95

Ciências Biológicas

  • In vitro callogenesis from Cedrela fissilis leaves

    A. P. Menezes, J. C. C. Almeida, R. A. Mergener, T. Gerber, A. H. Schneeberger
    44 - 46
  • Parasitological research in urine from marine manatees (Trichechus manatus manatus) maintained in captivity in Brazil

    J.M.L. Pires, A.B. Moreira, A. Rocha
    47 - 52
  • Intrathecal administration of a novel pyrazolyl-thiazole derivative induces delayed antinociception in mice

    A. H. Souza, M. A. Rubin, P. D. Sauzem, G. S. Sant’Anna, G. D. Dalmolin, C.C. Drewes, M. N. Muniz, R. V. Lourega, H. G. Bonacorso, N. Zanatta, M. A. P. Martins, V. D. G. Sinhorin
    65 - 71
  • Main toxic plants and their deleterious effects on small ruminants.

    K. L. Oliveira, A. C. Rosa, L. A. Sales, M. A. Rodrigues, M. O. Tardioli, G. D. Cruz, A. M. Cruz
    80 - 84
  • Determination of plasma levels of urea and creatinine in Pantanal horses Poconé region - MT

    M. R. Guazina, A. C. Rosa, A. Kataoka
    96 - 100
  • Anatomic pathological aspects of canine transmissible venereal tumor

    C. Calderon, R. R. Oliveira, E. S. Marquez, M. F. R. Cruz
    101 - 113
  • Removal of textile dye Novacron Yellow using the fungal biomass based on Cladosporium sp. genus

    G. Diniz, E. Garcia, J. Cury
    118 - 125
  • Electrochemical corrosion study via linear polarization in peas can

    I. M. Costa, G. C. Taroco, E. M. Garcia, J. O. F. Melo, A. G. Souza, R. M. Balestra, H. A. Taroco
    145 - 150

Educação e Ensino

  • Notes and reflections about the logic of education medicalization

    C. H. M. Barbosa
    85 - 90
  • Practical lessons: Important tool in the Natural Science teaching

    F. M. Oliveira, A. N. A. Silva, G. D. Reis, J. O. F. Melo, H. A. Taroco, E. M. Garcia, A. G. Souza
    72 - 79
  • Operation territory of citizenship - Goiás in 2012: experience report

    G. A. F. Mota
    114 - 117

Ciências da Saúde

  • Epidemiological profile of viruses holders who conduct HIV treatment in service specialist care in Sinop-MT

    G.C. Carmen Trentin, R.R. Rocha Oliveira, A.N. Nogueira Cunha
    53 - 64
  • The profile of tamoxifen user due to gynecomastia induced by anabolic steroids for bodybuilders or bodybuilding

    E. Santos, E. F. Souza, J. C. H. Antonio, K. C. Silva, S. A. Marques, V. C. G. Soares
    126 - 131
  • The epidemiological profile of Malaria in the municipality of Sinop, Mato Grosso State, from 2001 to 2015

    K. S. Guedes, E. G. Costa, P. P. Cavalcanti, B. A. M. Sanchez
    132 - 139


  • Leproide canine granulomatous syndrome

    P. T. Coelho, A. C. Rosa, G. D. Cruz
    140 - 144