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v. 11 n. 2 (2018): Scientific Electronic Archives

Publicado: 2018-04-04

Ciências Agrárias

  • Physiological and sanitary quality of seeds de Acacia mearnsii De Wild. – Fabaceae

    J. Zeni, C. G. Maciel
    1 - 7
  • Application of the Moiré method in timber used on rural construction

    J. B. Jesus, S. Rodrigues, R. R. Valença Junior
    8 - 15
  • Evaluation of natural regeneration in a fragment of secondary forest in Feliz Natal - MT

    P. A. Mojena, A. C. Dall´Agua, C. R. Freese, A. A. S. Mojena
    16 - 26
  • Fungal disease in ‘'erva-mate''

    S. Paula, K. R. Wolf, A. F. Martíni, P. M. Milanesi
    27 - 34
  • Seasonality of the leaf miner, level of predation and temporal occurrence of rust correlated to abiotic factors

    B. M. R. Melo, F. B. S. Botelho, J. S. M. Silva, D. F. F. Lima, E. R. Moreira
    35 - 40
  • Reusing stocks solutions with different formulated for orchid fertilizer acclimatization phase

    C. G. C. Issa, W. J. Pereira, A. C. F. Miranda, R. C. Felicio, A. R. Silva, M. C. Vieira
    41 - 47
  • Survival rates and contamination of nodes three varieties of Hancornia speciosa in different concentrations of sodium hypochlorite and immersion times

    A. P. M. Belo, M. C. Vieira, H. O. Guimarães, T. C. Oliveira, Y. S. Mascarenhas, E. R. B. Souza
    48 - 57

Ciências Biológicas

Ciências da Saúde

  • Sexuality and reproduction: Perceptions of women living with HIV / AIDS

    D. A. Souza, S. F. S. Moraes, C. A. S. Flores
    69 - 83
  • Testing the knowledge of nurses in a Community Health Foundation of the City of Sinop / MT on the treatment of wounds

    S. M. Dill, A. B. Moreira, C. B. Venazzi
    84 - 110
  • Effect of adrenalectomy on prolactin secretion in primiparous and multiparous lactating rats

    C. D. C. Sanches, B. S. Moretti, R. C. A. Berber, E. E. T. S. Hucke
    111 - 118
  • Factors associated with lack of papanicolau according to the perception of women seen at ubs Dr. Carlos Scholtão, Sinop / MT

    A. F. SmieskiL, J. L. Dullius, C. B. Venazzi
    119 - 132
  • Epidemiological profile of cutaneous superficial mycoses in South, Brazil

    L. F. Rocha, F. M. Bittencourt, K. M. Hernandes, S. M. B. Gonçalves, C. M. G. Rodrigues, V. Z. Bergamo, L. N. Calil, A. Mezzari
    133 - 137
  • Hypertension in the elderly: an approach to medication adherence

    A. N. Cunha, R. G. Masochini, S. V. Jezus
    138 - 142


  • Internal mobility of the population of Montenegro: Overview

    J. Bulatović, G. Rajović
    143 - 149
  • Factors associated with the higher prevalence of common mental disorders: integrative review

    W. L. Oliveira, P. P. Cavalcanti
    158 - 165
  • Temporary and permanent injuries in accidents bikersvictims: integrative review

    S. R. O. Maier, T. C. Cavalcante, L. A. Silva, M. Mattos, G. A. Sudre, B. S. Santos
    150 - 157
  • Phenology and reproduction of Campomanesia adamantium (Cambess.) O. Berg (Myrtaceae)

    E. F. L. Araújo, E. R. B. Souza
    166 - 175
  • Hereditary hemocromatosis: Integrative literature review

    M. A. Kohut, A. C. Rosa, C. A. S. Flores
    176 - 186