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v. 13 n. 9 (2020): Scientific Electronic Archives

Publicado: 2020-09-01

Ciências Agrárias

  • Agronomic performance and stability and of grain yield of f2 populations maize hybrids

    C. S. Bernini, P. S. Guimarães
    1 - 9
  • Bioactive compounds and antioxidant potential of honey produced by africanized bees (Apis mellifera L.) in Piauí

    S. M. P. C. Silva, W. C. Andrade, P. C. Santos, A. S. Nascimento, C. A. L. Carvalho
    10 - 18
  • Estimation of morphological characteristics of Rio pear orange acquired in the local trade of Alta Floresta - MT through image analysis

    C. B. M. Farias, A. S. A. S. Correa, M. C. M. Silva, R. R. Cruz, L. P. N. Ramos, S. A. M. Souza
    19 - 25
  • Effect of rainfall variability on the production of Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. in the semi-arid region of Paraíba

    L. D. R. Silva, P. H. A. Cartaxo, M. C. Silva, K. S. Gonzaga, D. B. Araújo, E. S. Sousa, J. P. O. Santos
    26 - 32
  • Different vacuum packages for 'giombo' persimmon postharvest conservation

    P. A. R. Rimoli, A. J. Campos
    33 - 37
  • Soil-water physical attributes under different managements systems in the humid tropics in Maranhão

    J. B. Martins Filho, K. C. Cunha Meneses, A. L. Brito Filho, C. E. L. Feitosa, M. F. Farias
    38 - 43
  • Simulated derive of glyphosate in green onion plants (Allium fistulosum L.)

    D. Riva, O. R. Silveira, R. M. Silva, L. S. F. Lima
    44 - 50
  • Sensorial analysis of commercial quality of lettuce grown on different substrates

    F. I. S. Aguiar, L. J. Parra-Serrano, S. S. Matos, C. S. Reis, N. A. F. Machado, M. F. Farias, A. Napoli
    51 - 57
  • Glyphosate hormesis variation in common bean due to nitrogen coverage

    J. C. Silva, R. A. F. Rodrigues, O. Arf, C. C. Pinto, L. B. Lemos
    58 - 66
  • Production and characterization of tannia rhizome flour

    A. F. Morais, L. B. S. Canapá, M. F. A. Silveira, R. Vera
    67 - 73

Ciências Biológicas

Ciências da Saúde

  • Identification of female genital tract infectious agents in patients treated for cytopathological diagnosis

    J. S. Borges, V. M. Giudice, R. N. Leandro, K. V. Martinez, L. P. R. Silva, E. S. Garcia, C. G. Santos, P. A. Pereira, F. C. Charles, L. C. Mezzomo, L. N. Calil, A. Mezzari
    80 - 84
  • Identification of the etiological agents that cause superficial cutaneous mycoses in southern Brazil

    K. V. Martinez, P. A. Pereira, C. G. S. Nascimento, R. N. Leandro, V. M. Giundice, E. S. Garcia, L. P. R. Silva, J. S. Borges, F. C. Charles, L. N. Calil, A. Mezzari, S. M. B. Gonçalves, D. M. G. Rodrigues
    85 - 90
  • Pharmaceutical care in the context of an Extension Project to care for patients with vaginal candidiasis with the strategy of carrying out antifungal resistance testing and community health prevention

    M. L. Menz, L. N. Calil, F. M. Bittencourt, A. Mezzari
    91 - 98
  • Hospital morbidity due to mental and behavioral disorders in the Unified Health System in Sergipe-Brazil in 2018

    K. M. H. Cavalcante
    99 - 107
  • Violence against children/adolescents west of Santa Catarina

    M. C. Hanauer, I. Grasel, V. S. F. Madureira
    108 - 113
  • COVID-19 in Brazil: The challenges to face the pandemic by health professionals

    K. D. Souza, D. P. M. Santin, S. F. Cetolin, V. Beltrame, L. P. Marmitt, J. A. Steffani
    114 - 119


  • Biomass as a sustainable energy generation resource

    A. A. Areias, J. C. Cruz Júnior, F. M. Yamaji
    120 - 128
  • Potentials and challenges in making silages using tropical forages

    A. J. Anjos, D. N. Coutinho, C. A. S. Freitas, A. J. S. Macêdo, H. P. Sena, B. C. Mata e Silva, G. M. Oliveira, T. A. J. Raimundi
    129 - 136
  • Nutritional management of cotton culture in Cerrado's soils from Mato Grosso

    F. Mrojinski, C. C. Santos, N. S. D. Corioletti, V. L. Silva
    137 - 140
  • Prospects of the classic method of forest restoration by planting seedlings: a review

    D. G. Rorato, A. M. Griebeler, F. Turchetto
    141 - 148