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v. 13 n. 7 (2020): Scientific Electronic Archives

Publicado: 2020-07-01

Ciências Agrárias

  • Model of the pression transfer apply on an alfisol from Tabuleiros Costeiros

    D. S. Santana, E. P. Pacheco, W. G. Vale, M. V. S. Chaves
    1 - 7
  • Quality and productivity of lettuce under hydroponic system with different dosage of nutritive solutions in Ribeirão Cascalheira-MT

    F. C. Lima, A. C. Oliveira, V. L. Silva
    8 - 15
  • Capacity of grain storage and outflow in the State of Paraná

    P. H. P. C. Muniz, I. C. Custódio, H. A. Fidelis, N. M. Moura, J. R. C. Oliveira Filho, M. P. S. Berti
    16 - 23
  • Phytotoxicity of Hyptis Suaveolens against soybean and lettuce crops

    S. S. Nascimento, S. G. Pereira, D. J. Amorim, M. S. Mendes, I. S. Reis
    24 - 32
  • Control of weed plants with application of herbecides by contact

    C. S. Pereira, G. Wiest, V. H. Zanetti, M. Schoffen, A. A. Silva
    33 - 38
  • Physical and chemical characterization of mama-cadela and araçá fruits collected in the cerrado of Goiás

    J. L. C. Souza, L. B. Silva, R. X. Costa, M. C. Vieira
    39 - 44
  • Technological characteristics of two species of the genus Erisma sp. in the state of Mato Grosso

    E. P. Amorim, G. T. Mascarenhas, T. P. M. Arruda
    45 - 51
  • Use of inoculants and nitrogen fertilization related to yield and quality of soybean grains

    G. Pelozo, W. G. Vale, M. V. S. Chaves, P. A. C. B. Vale, E. P. Pacheco
    52 - 58
  • Dietary chromium and growth performance animals: a review

    P. S. A. Moreira, C. Palhari, R. C. A. Berber
    59 - 66
  • Seasonal variation of price and milk production in Mato Grosso

    M. Michetti, J. C. Reis, M. Y. T. Kamoi, L. B. Lopes
    67 - 76
  • Geographical distribution, diversity and pathogenicity of Colletotrichum associ-ated with soybean anthracnose in Brazil

    S. R. G. Moraes, S. M. Bonaldo, A. R. R. Gaspareto
    77 - 86

Ciências Biológicas

  • Considerações sobre teníase e cisticercose em municípios do Vale do Jiquiriçá, Bahia

    F. S. Julião, H. B. Santos
    87 - 94
  • Agronomic performance of out-of-season maize crop in response of application N-fertilizer combined with biological inoculant in Mato Grosso

    K. B. Carmo, G. C. M. Berber, M. L. B. Bourscheidt, M. N. Garcia, A. F. Silva, A. Ferreira
    95 - 101

Ciências da Saúde

  • The rescue of the polytraumatized victims due to violence in transit in the city of Chapecó-SC: the “golden hourâ€

    G. A. S. Moser, D. C. M. Aguiar, B. C. Franciscon, J. F. Lima, F. B. Haag
    102 - 111
  • The nursing staff care for suicidal ideations in emergency rooms: integrative literature review

    G. A. S. Moser, A. R. Percisi, J. A. Foschera, P. Biffi, K. Foiato, D. C. M. Aguiar, O. Migliorine, F. Pertile
    112 - 119
  • Epidemiological profile of tuberculosis in the city of Sinop, Mato Grosso, from 2012 to 2018

    A. N. Cunha, S. V. Jezus, F. G. Braga, M. C. S. Paese, R. G. Masochini, F. Specian Junior
    120 - 125
  • Systematization of perioperative nursing care in the surgical center: a report of experience

    M. C. Hanauer, A. G. Sauer, D. Pasquetti, H. S. Kwiatkowiski, L. J. Pinheiro, D. C. M. Aguiar, G. A. S. Moser
    126 - 129
  • Development and sun protection factor of emusionated formulation containing Brazil nut oil

    L. M. Gomes, C. J. M. Marino, A. C. M. Cotrim, R. Nogueira, D. M. S. Valladão, M. P. R. Torres, E. B. Ribeiro
    130 - 141


  • Sublethal effects of neonicotinoids in bees: a review

    N. C. Pereira, T. O. Diniz, M. C. C. R. Takasusuki
    142 - 152
  • Reference areas and edaphoclimatic variables: support for the choice of tree species in the restoration of riparian forests in Southern Brazil

    D. G. Rorato, S. B. Marcuzzo, F. Turchetto, A. M. Griebeler, T. C. Zavistanovicz, A. L. P. Berghetti
    153 - 158