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Ciências Biológicas
Publicado: 2019-02-04

Strategy to improve the parturition ability in crossbred recipients implanted with embryos produced in vitro

triancinolone parturition induction placenta retention


The aim of this study was to evaluate the synchronization rate, ease to parturition, calves viability and retained placenta rate for Nellore recipients treated with triancinolone (TRI) + dexametasone (DEXA) + PGF2α (d-CLO). Hundred-ninety-four crossbred recipients (½ Nellore/ ½ Caracu) were divided into two groups (TRI, n = 97; Control, n = 97) and observed from 285 to 292 days of pregnancy. On Day 285, animals from Group TRI received 1mg/60 Kg of BW/IM of triancinolone (Retardoesteróide®, Hertape Calier Saúde Animal S/A) followed of association of 25mg of dexametasone (Caliercortin®, Hertape Calier Saúde Animal S/A) and 150μg of D-cloprostenol (Veteglan®, Hertape Calier Saúde Animal S/A) on Day 292. Animals from Control received injections of saline solution in same days. TRI had higher synchronization of parturition than Control (79.4% vs. 19.5, respectively; P < 0.05), as well TRI had lower assistance of parturition. No differences were observed for assistance of parturition comparing the born weight and gender of calves. TRI had lesser placenta retained than Control (11.4% vs. 25.8%, respectively; P < 0.05). In short, this strategy of induction resulted in better conditions of assistance and quality of parturition, decreasing the placenta retained in Nellore recipients implanted with embryos produced in vitro.


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Aguiar, T. S., Moreira, P. S. A., Moreti, B. S., Berber, G. C. M., Pinto-Neto, A., & Berber, R. C. A. (2019). Strategy to improve the parturition ability in crossbred recipients implanted with embryos produced in vitro. Scientific Electronic Archives, 12(1), 81–84.