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v. 11 n. 5 (2018): Scientific Electronic Archives

Publicado: 2018-10-02

Ciências Agrárias

  • Development of carrot cv. Brasília under fertilization in Nova Xavantina - MT

    L. A. Barichello, M Menezes, J. K. L. Machado, I. A. Brito, J. Pinheiro, D. G. Peter, A. C. Oliveira, V. L. Silva
    1 - 5
  • Influence of organic fertilization on growth and productivity of mini pumpkin

    C. Cigel, G. Vieira, V. N. Silva
    6 - 13
  • Analysis of soybean cultivars in response to different forms of inoculation

    R. A. De Toni, W. G. Vale, G. Pelozo, J. Demarchi, P. A. C. B. Vale
    14 - 22
  • Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative losses on corn mechanized harvest

    M. M. Dario, W. G. Vale, J. Demarchi, P. A. C. Branco, E. H. Nunes
    23 - 32
  • Micronutrients in soybean culture in direct plantaining systems in closed soils

    J. V. Santos Neto, L. C. Lima, A. F. Cardoso, R. M. Q. Lana, J. L. R. Torres
    33 - 39
  • Characterization of dairy production from Cromínia – GO

    R. D. Vieira, J. P. E. Bianchini, W. D. Vieira, P. M. Silva, W. B. R. Santos, A. S. Cezário, J. C. Ribeiro
    40 - 46
  • Establishment and initial development in vitro of Yellow Ipe

    M. O. Pereira, M. C. Navroski, A. Meneguzzi, J. L. Marcon Filho, L. R. S. Reiniger
    47 - 53
  • Pigeon bean allelopathy on the germination and development of carrot seedlings

    L. Dotto, V. N. Silva, G. Ribeiro, I. K. Severo
    54 - 59
  • Forms of nitrogen fertilization on soybean in the northern of Mato Grosso State, Brazil

    C. S. Pereira, A. L. Medeiros, A. A. Silva, S. A. C. M. Arantes, P. S. Coutinho, I. V. A. Fiorini, A. Lange
    60 - 66
  • Characterization of the biochemical and lipid profiles of white lupine (Lupinus albus) grain and its derivatives

    C. T. Oliveira, E. M. R. Gutierrez, M. R. Silva, N. O. C. Silva, M. R. P. Monteiro, R. L. B Araújo
    67 - 74
  • Rates of biostimulant on maize at off-season in the northern of Mato Grosso

    C. S. Pereira, A. Guollo, I. V. A. Fiorini, H. D. Pereira, E. L. Resende, F. R. Resende, A. Lange, C. C Breda, A. A. Silva
    75 - 81
  • In vitro morphogenesis of different mangabeira (Hancornia speciosa gomes) varieties from the savanna of the Goiás

    M. C. Vieira, R. M. Oliviera, J. B. A. França, C. C. P. Oliveira, E. R. B. Souza
    82 - 88
  • Doses and sources of phosphorus in maize with and without polymer coating in thhe mono-ammnnium phosphate

    I. V. A. Fiorini, R. G. V. Pinho, H. D. Pereira, C. S. Pereira, F. R. Resende, E. L. Resende
    89 - 93
  • Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract effects in maize crop

    H. D. Pereira, I. V. A. Fiorini, R. G. Von Pinho, F. R. Resende, E. L. Resende, C. S. Pereira
    94 - 98
  • In vitro effect of extract of garlic's wood (Gallesia integrifolia Sprengel) Harms on engorged ticks and larvae of Ripicephalus Boophilus microplus

    A. S. Dias, A. M. Tanure, R. M. Bertonceli
    99 - 103
  • Physiological potential of soybean seed and your relationship with seedling emergence in the field

    C. Ascoli, J. L. Viana, C. S. Pereira, I. V. A. Fiorini, A. A. Silva
    104 - 108
  • Knowledge of the urban population of Botucatu-SP on agroecology and organic food production

    N. P. Ribeiro, R. A. Pelvine, F. G. S. Garreto, L. R. Ribeiro, R. M. Silva
    109 - 111
  • Alternative food for broiler chickens: an overview

    D. H. R. Oliveira
    112 - 117

Ciências Biológicas

  • Aspects of Stomoxys calcitrans parasitism in dogs from the Amazonic region of Mato Grosso state, Brazil

    D. F. Santos, A. C. Zane, K. V. Bassetto, B. G. Castro
    118 - 123
  • Evaluation of the in vitro cytotoxic effects of carvoeiro leaf extracts [Callisthene fasciculata (Spr.) Mart.]

    L. Castoldi, T. O. Kelly, L. R. Albiero, E. F. Nery, J. C. S. Dalazen, D. M. S. Valladão
    124 - 129
  • Androecium development of Oxypetalum appendiculatum Mart. (Apocynaceae): A Taxonomic Approach

    F. A. Z. Vital, A. T. Nakamura
    130 - 139

Ciências da Saúde

  • The quality of nursing care to the user in the family health strategy: a literature search

    B. S. Santos, C. A. S. Dauzacker, A. Z. Rodrigues, W. S. Oliveira, M. Mattos, S. R. O. Maier
    140 - 145
  • Analysis of drug prescribing indicators in a family health strategy in the south of Mato Grosso State, Brazil

    R. A. F. Araujo, A. F. K. Freitas, D. A. S. Santos, K. S. Parreira, W. R. Lima, L. S. Goulart
    146 - 150
  • Quality control of ranitidine hydrochloride compounded capsules

    T. F. F. Silva, M. P. R. Torres, M. P. Ribeiro, A. L. Raiser, E. B. Ribeiro, C. R. Andrighetti, M. Z. Marques, L. G. Vasconcelos, D. M. S. Valladão
    154 - 161
  • Profile of the elderly who attend companionship groups in Sinop-MT

    R. G. Masochini, S. V. Jezus, A. N. Cunha, P. C. Fanin
    162 - 169
  • Nurse´s activities at the family health program when care of Parkinson's disease in Lagarto-SE

    K. M. H Cavalcante, R. K. C. dos Santos, P. E. S. Timóteo
    170 - 176


  • The relevance of non-invasive radiofrequency therapy for localized fat

    D. S. T. Souza, E. T. Vizioli, T. T. Carvalho, G. C. M. Berber
    177 - 182
  • Canine Blood Groups: a review

    A. A. Novais, H. F. Magron
    183 - 187
  • Impact of grazing management on forage qualitative characteristics: a review

    C. R. M. Tesk, B. C. Pedreira, D. H. Pereira, D. S. Pina, T. A. Ramos, M. A. Mombach
    188 - 197